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At Extreme Vision Now we believe in partnering with our clients. We believe in giving our clients the best results, best value, and building long term relationships.

We understand our customers are looking for more than just a pretty website, latest technology, and reports. You’re looking for results! Whether that is getting more customers to call, more customers to request a quote, or more customers to your door, we listen to you in order to understand your business needs and then help you achieve them.

Simply, we offer your company high results at a great price.

Extreme Vision Now Leaders

Jason Lee-SM1

Jason Lee

Marketing Director, AKA “The Guru”

A true professional in Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Website Design, and Online Lead Generation. Jason is an expert at marketing for local businesses and has racked up over 10 years of highly successful experience helping local business generate leads, increase revenue, and dominate their competition through internet marketing. Passionate and creative he works closely with as many clients as he can personally. Giving them the same results he has for hundreds of other companies around the world. Jason is obsessed with getting great results for every client and he does.


Fabi Folker

CEO, Lead Designer – Operations Manager

Beautiful and skilled she is like a deadly website design assassin. Degrees in International Business, Business Administration, Website Design, fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and she loves coffee (not as much as technology but close).

When it comes to the newest digital solutions for businesses no one knows them better. She has experience working all around the world in international web marketing, building online learning systems for colleges, business websites, and iPhone Apps. Born in Brazil she has the skills to jujitsu any project to success.


Chief of the Geeks

Passionate and skilled with business communications and client relations. Ashok is a man who knows how to communicate. He is an engineer with a MBA in Marketing and he has more connections then a politician. He has worked with fortune 10/100/500 companies around the globe and innumerable midsized firms and start-up companies. He’s like a guru of translation from the techy stuff to plain English. Ideas get transferred to work orders for the geeks, then his team of geeks give our clients the results they want.

Top Team Members

Alvin Profile Pic

Alvin Albaciete

SEO Content Writer

Vera Mae

ON Page SEO Specialist
Khayla May

Kayla Daud

Social Media Assistant


Web Developer

Ajay is the man when it comes to web development. At Extreme Vision Now we our constantly improving the web systems to give our clients more success. We get an idea and Ajay is the man to figure out how to make it happen.  Geeky but cool and loaded with experience is all kinds industries and has worked with companies like Pepisco, Dell, Deutsche Bank, Electrolux, Syngenta, Telstra, etc. So we are proud to have such talent working for our clients.  Ajay’s got his degree in web design and engineering but we all think He is half machine himself. Which is the only answer for how he can do the things he does with websites.


Master Coder

Omkar is  either camera shy or a secret agent. Probably the second as he has vast experience in all kinds of languages included i18n and multibyte (Japanese and Chinese). He has worked with global clients like British Telecom, Microsoft, Sun and Oracle, Bank of America, Telstra, JGC, AXA, GMAC, and Mitsubishi Fuso. Not to mention he has “worked” around the world in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, and Japan. He says he has a degree in project management but that must be code for Secret Agent School.

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