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What you get in the Free Consultation...


We will analysis your current website, review with you what improvements can help grow your business, and give you a detailed report that is your to keep. Free of charge.


This is a detailed analysis of what has been done up to this point for your business online. What areas are correct or not and give you a report of what improvements could help your business online.


See exactly where you come up in the search engines for the most popular terms your customers are searching. We will give you a detailed report of all your current rankings and tell you how to improve them.


We reveal all our secrets and show you what and how we will give you more leads then you ever had before. No BS sells tactics just what we do and how it works.

What we can do for your Local Business

Our Proven Online Marketing Program Generates More Leads and More Profit
More Leads, Calls, & Clients

Benefit: 1

Get more new leads and clients then ever before. This is the heart of our program and we rock at it.

Lower Cost of Marketing

Benefit: 3

Don't waste your money on marketing that doesn't work. Get more results for less money over all.

Get Clients Easier

Benefit: 5

As professional marketers we handle everything for you. Making it the easiest way to get clients. We are your partners for success.

Leads more likely to buy

Benefit: 2

Quality is better then quantity. We give you both. Customers more likely to buy and already sold on you.

More Effective Marketing

Benefit: 4

We improve your website and conversions which increase all marketing efforts efficiency.

Have Higher Profits

Benefit: 6

Less wasted marketing money and much higher return on investment means more profits for your business and you.

About Extreme Vision Now

Local Business Online Marketing Expert. Jason Lee

Personally I have over 10 years of experience marketing both locally and online for local business in multiple industries. I started in the industry being hired to do business development due to my extensive background in business development and degrees in marketing and sales. During those years I was extremely successful taking small to medium size local business and growing them to levels they had never seen before. About 7 years ago I started Extreme Vision Now with my wife. We offered complete solutions for web design and online marketing to local businesses. We quickly grew and had great success in lots of industries. I love what I do and am great at it. We are a small agency but provide huge results.

“Marketing is not an expense. It's an investment and the higher your return the better. Our internet marketing program is the best return for your investment and we stand behind that”

Jason Lee & wife Fabiane

What Clients are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Went from no leads from their website to hundreds and Ranked #1.....

“We hired a big local internet marketing company. They gave us a ugly website for $2500 and said they were doing online marketing for $1500/mo but we got almost no calls. We hired Jason and the website he gave us was the much better. Customers and granite suppliers always comment on the website how great it is. We get lots of calls and emails everyday from the website now. We also charge higher prices now because we don't have to offer the same sqft price as the one man shops in our area advertising in the paper. Now customers know we do quality because they see it on the website and come to us for that. It's very easy working with Jason. He does everything for us and he just tells us when he needs something for the website. His wife is also Brazilian which makes it easy to talk to her in Portuguese when we can't understand something.”

Gilmar Lamas (New View Marble & Granite)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

We didn't understand the value of internet marketing but soon did ...

“I can't say enough how grateful I am to Extreme Vision Now. We hired Jason to help with business development because the business had a bad reputation from the previous owner. We were only doing 3-5 benchtops per week and most kitchen companies didn't want to do business with us. He convinced me to redo the website, new branding, and start internet marketing. I didn't think it was worth it at first but I gave it a go. After 3-4 months we started getting many residential leads calling and coming to our location. Contractors and kitchen companies saw us online and now wanted to work with us too. We do 35-40 benchtops weekly now and have expanded to handle all the work. Because of the growth on the granite business we also opened a full kitchen company and no longer need to rely on contractors for jobs. Hiring Jason was the best investment I ever made. 

Mohamed Amed (Pyramid Stone & Lotus Kitchens)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Getting Ranked #1 in Google in a Highly Competitive Market!

“Jason got referred to me as the best for ranking in Google and getting leads. They were right. Our company was paying over $5000/mo to a company who I will not say but they are a big name. They were the 3rd company we had hired for our marketing online. We were only at the bottom of the first page of Google and getting only a few calls daily. Our industry is very competitive here in Sydney. We spent over $8000 on our website up to that point and were very disappointed with the results. Jason took over and made us a new website that was much better then the one we had. I was skeptical at first because his costs were much lower but he really seemed to know what he was talking about. Within a short time we were ranking #1 in Google and on Google Maps. We are now averaging 30 calls per day and have expanded to new areas around Sydney. I would recommend Extreme Vision Now to any local business how wants to get leads from online. They are better than companies who charge twice as much and are very professional. Thanks Jason"

Terry Asref (Pro Cleaning)

Is this Program Right for Your Business?

This internet marketing program is not right for all local businesses. See if it is for your business.


  • Companies who want a much higher amount of leads, clients, and higher profits
  • Companies who can handle more business
  • Companies who want long-term growth and want a partner to handle the online marketing
  • Companies who understand the value of marketing as an investment and want to dominate their market to be one of the top granite countertop companies


  • Companies with no or only a little budget for marketing
  • Companies in an area where we already have a client partnering with us for their online marketing in their industry
  • Companies who "Think" they understand websites and online marketing already and don't think they need an expert
  • Companies who are satisfied with only a small amount on leads or clients
Get Leads or better rankings or we work for free

We stand behind our work and most services give you a Guarantee of Leads or Better Rankings or we work for free. Some services get you clients almost instantly and some take time. With SEO most companies see rankings increase in 2-3 months but if your website is not significantly increased in rankings in 6 months we will work for free until it is. Now you have no risk of whether we can perform as we claim. (Details explained in consultation)

Act Today! We only work with 1 client per area!

  We can ONLY partner with 1 Company per location per industry. After a client partners with us we do not accept any other partners for that location. NO EXCEPTIONS! Don't miss your chance to partner with the best internet marketing company!

Personalized Overview of our program

We will analysis your business and online market. Then give you an overview of our program, how it can help your business in your area, and what your business can do to increase leads and profit.


Phone Call and web presentation

You will get a 20 to 30 min phone call and web presentation. I personally will discuss our program and the potential for your business. Answer all questions and show you exactly what we do and what results you can expect.


Free Reports yours to keep

Detailed analysis on your website and internet marketing potential. Yours to keep no cost or obligation.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is the cost of the program?

How fast can I expect results from your Program?

What results can I expect from your program?

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What happens after I sign up for the Free Consultation?

What do I need for the Free Consultation

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